About us

About Fermioni Investment

Every opportunity is different, and so is our approach.

Fermioni Investment seeks to deliver attractive returns through a proven track record of profitable investments using, innovative strategies, commitment to excellence, support for management and steely determination. We build businesses and accelerate growth by identifying feasible and profitable opportunities, converging complex objectives to build a competitive edge for our partners.

We effectively build the value of the companies which we invest in, We invest together with top managers. We effectively increase the value of companies by combining the ambition, professionalism and honesty of our managers with the experience, contacts and commitments of the Fund.

We create a tailored solution for each partnership instead of offering a particular/rigid/off-the-shelf product. This can mean equity or debt, and is usually a combination of both. Our finance can be standalone or alongside a financial sponsor, and we always ensure the structure aligns us with you. We tend to take a minority stake, so you remain firmly in control.